Meldonna J.


Like a Phoenix, Meldonna Jones has risen from the ashes of a past filled with physical and psychological abuse into a successful business woman who earns a six-figure income and now wants to share her tumultuous experience and road to redemption with others through her debut novel, Phoenix: A True Story of Rise, Fall and Redemption. A Washington, DC native, Meldonna has risen from a life of systematic and personal abuse to a successful Health Care Administrative Consultant and Entrepreneur, celebrating 20 years of continued success after a life of sexual and physical abuse. She now heads three businesses under the Meldonna Brand and has also accomplished works as a Brand Ambassador for companies such as Nascar, Nissan, Comcast, CBS Sports and Lindt Chocolate. Also, Ms. Jones is a founding member of the on-going Washington DC Film Festival, Reel Independent Film Extravaganza. Meldonna is a proponent of inner strength and the courage of re-invention of self.

She quotes; “I really want to help other girls/women like me. It’s taken me this long to heal from things I had no control over. Life has been unfair to me and I’m healing and fighting back.”

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